2009 in Review

Wow. What a year.
I had really hoped that 2009 would be THE year you know but it was quite a great year nonetheless during which tons of fantastic things happen and yet at the same time, there were things that happened that tore my heart apart. Well, it was just one but I'll get to that later.

The year marked my first full year holding a full-time job (National Service does not count) since I ORD'ed and work wise, it has been a remarkable ride. I decided to sign with the service for a good 3 years, marking the beginning of my crossroad years. The experience I've gained was beyond what I had expected. From the rapport building with my students to the constant meeting and speaking with their parents and oh, at times, the police too. Sure there were ups and downs at work and what not but my colleagues are another remarkable bunch. I would never have expected the office I work in to be so full of madcap mayhem that we're laughing our heads off most of the time, while making sure we work of course! Work resumes in 2 days! Exciting times or what!

And then there's theatre of course. It was a non-stop, back-to-back, show after show since end 2008 all the way till April 2009. The team at Yellow Chair went guns ablazing, managing to put up a show at *scape and the Drama Centre Black Box. To top it all off, we finally managed to secure sponsorship from Lee Foundation through our OWN sheer hard work and for the first time ever, stage works by established playwrights from various countries. However, despite the show putting YCP on a high again, it was to be the last production of the year for the group and for now, things remain in limbo. Yellow Chair Productions is officially going through a restructuring and once some of us have re-energized and thought things through, an annoucement will be made sometime in 2010 about what's to come.

However, my final official showcase of 2009 came in August. And I strongly believe it was quite a way to sign off for the year. The set-up was the library@esplanade, a free for all event and next to nothing publicity. But the team I assembled for this round was just, for the lack of a better word, super. Haha! The collaboration has opened up a whole new world of opportunities and possibilities and that I am extremely thankful for.

I also took the chance in 2009 to eventually take a break from theatre for a bit. Took the time off to concentrate a bit on my students with their exams and what not and the break has been a good one. However, I'm uber glad that rehearsals for a new showcase is going to start soon and projects are starting to come in again.

2009 will also be remembered as a year of weddings. Colleagues, friends, secondary school mates. Somehow, people from various social circles of mine were getting married. There were also those whose marriages or engagements I found out via Facebook! Haha! The wedding season has been quite a thrilling adventure though from being a pseduo-"brother" for one to the people behind the wedding video for another, which eventually culminated in a more than 24 hour attempt at finishing the video on time! But it was all worthwhile in the end of course. So, with all these weddings, is it in anyway a form of pressure on me? Of course not. I'm quite set on doing what I want to do first and the time will come when it comes. That said, there will be more coming up in 2010 and 2011! My two closest friends recently announced their engagement in a pretty creative way and unexpectedly too but we'll leave more stories for 2011 yeah? Haha!

Another highlight would be having the chance to be a part of the production team on a short film (which we all hope will get the chance to be made into a feature film). This was no ordinary Singapore short with zombies galore and filmed entirely in 3D. I shall not disclose anything further till the time comes for the film to be revealed in all its glory.

Sure, there were many highs including those I've not mentioned here in this entry but the one significant low would have to be the passing of a dear friend. You can refer to my first entry on this LJ of mine from back in July. Getting over it has not been easy and it still pains to hear or see things that would remind me of her. I miss her and I'm certain a lot of you still do.

Life goes on though and what how will 2010 be like for me then?
For starters, I've termed it the year or risks. Expect some announcements on certain endeavours which I hope to embark on. I turn 24 in a few days time and it's high time for new things. Sure, I've also made 1 resolution but I'll end off this year in review with what I've always tried to do year after year and that is to be the best in what I do. And this new year, I'm more determined to do so.

Here's to a fantastic 2010!

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December was more or less set for Birthday Blues to happen but it looks like it's on the back burner again. Well, at least we got part of the storyboard now. Heh.
How gentlemen? What are we going to do about this?

Meanwhile, unexpected projects have popped up.
Of all things, I was appointed Zombie I/C (Coordinator) for a short film. Won't tell you what it's about but you get the drift I suppose? Haha.
Got a cameo in it too! :D But not as what you think.

Then there's the wedding video project that's been super crazy. HAHA!
Still wondering what we're going to do with it.
Be afraid Pah, be very afraid. Nyehehe.


December's ending soon.

To Infinity and Beyond!

In just one night, a gathering of people brought about an exchanging of ideas and perspectives and even at 230am, we were talking about a progressive future. These are interesting times, they surely are.

I turn 24 in about a month's time and it seems like 2010 will be the year of new beginnings .

The resting and reflective phase is nearing its end and so, the restructuring, reshaping and risk-taking process begins.

To those of who are joining me on this journey, all I can say is "To infinity and beyond!"

Making Time

It's always nice when a great group of friends get together and eventually end up spending their time reflecting and conversing about life till the wee hours of the morning with the more tired ones sprawled on the bed or on the floor. HAHA!

It was quite a talk I must say. For starters, I, who obviously has not been in a relationship for a pretty long while, has got a whole different set of opinions from my friends who have been in a long relationship or one that is pretty new. I suppose it's something I have to work on considering I'm one who tries to see things from a bigger picture or for the greater good (Oh gosh, Brutus anyone?).

That said, dearest friends of mine have taken me to task and placed me in the hotseat, telling me to shut it and make time!
Yes people, this entry is somehow about making time. These "fine" gentlemen have told me to go out there and find someone! HAHA! 

Since my last entry about catching up on childhood, I have purchased the Playstation 3, complete with a Guitar Hero to go with it and I intend to spend the bulk of my upcoming holiday, wearing the guitar and controls out while attempting to digest DVDs of countless movies and TV series and to top things off, take a trip up to KL and another country.

So, when I say I have no time to go on dates and what not, they've countered me and told me to go out more and not stay in more!
But I would really love to relish the break, boys! HAHAHA!

I still think that someone like me at twenty-three, who has so many plans to kickstart and maintain for at least the next three years, will find it hard to find time for love let alone accomodate it. Rest assured though, I do believe in it will come when it comes. So, let's just wait and see okay? :)

Ravin' Raya 2009

Wowee. It's been a week since Hari Raya has arrived and boy, what a mixed bag it has been!

The first day was pure madness with the relatives, laughing away and photo-taking galore. It's always nice to move in big groups. We had a great time visiting different houses meeting different relatives we have not seen in a while. A bit of catching up, a bit of snacking and definitely food galore though I was quite content to not stuff myself silly and save myself for only the houses with the best food.

Haven't been out until yesterday and boy did it make me want to wax nostalgic. Two moments yesterday made me think about the past on 2 different levels. The first was when my Mum and I visited an old neighbour from the very HDB apartment I used to live in. We try our best to visit on a yearly basis and everytime we walk pass our old house, I would ask my parents, "Was this where we lived?" It's a tad sad that I don't have great memories of the house that I have to remind myself that I used to live in there albeit for just two short years. Indeed, we moved out of the Bedok house when I was just a tiny tot of two. It's been twenty-one years now and as much as I want to be sentimental about the whole building, I can't seem to find it in me to feel that way. Instead, I'll have to continue to live off whatever memories my parents still have of the place.

The other moment occured when we visited one of my Dad's close friends' house. Now, his three boys and I have known each other for many years since I was living it up during the good old primary school days. His two oldest boys recently got married within the year and his youngest son, who is about a year or two older than me has a much younger sister of eight to nine to play with. It was a nice night with other childhood friends who were also there but the best moment occured when said friend invited us into his room to let loose on his Playstation 3. The lot of us jumped at the chance quoting a need to de-stress as a reason for the jumping and there were, like boys of ten whacking away at the controls playing the same video game we used to play together. The game has had several versions of the year of course, constantly improving as technology improves but at the heart of it all, it felt like none of us had changed and neither had the game. You want to know what game it was? WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2009.

Let's just say that we resorted to saying, "The night is still young," one too many times when our parents said it was time to go home. Unlike ten years ago, saturday midnight still meant that it really was young and it helped that people in the group could actually drive. We did the same thing to our parents that we did ages ago in hopes of getting to stay longer and play more matches. I suppose I would say that our cravings were satisfied for the night but it sure brought about the possibilities of a Playstation 3 or a Wii entering my house sooner than I would have thought.

The busiest month in school is coming up but beyond that, it will be 2 months of sheer bliss to unwind and to perhaps, be ten again. Good things never seem to die and I have a strong feeling I'll be at it again very very soon. With friends in tow of course.

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This entry is for the benefit of friends who have said that my entries make me sound like a parent or they're serious!



Therapy at Work

It's only two days after Teachers' Day and the weight of the impending End-of-Year exams has slowly but surely started to force itself upon some of my colleagues and I. Nonsensical things are starting to irk certain uptight individuals and in return, causing a chain reaction that affects the rest of us!

And it is no surprise then that it affected me today as it affected the rest of my immediate circle of colleagues, all for different reasons at that!

So, what did I do?

I bought a big yellow piece of paper, got my voluntary and kind landscape artist, Hairol and straight-cutter Shariffah to trim the edges of the paper and voila, I had a new backdrop for the upper shelf compartment of my table. A bright yellow one! Why the choice of colour? I need to fill my table with a whole lot of positive energy and the colour most definitely soothes me!

The joy of putting up the backdrop and later decorating it proper was a therapeutic feeling, something akin to gardening. I intend to spend the September holiday redecorating the upper shelf compartment and also deconstructing and later reconstructing my table area! Of course, this will be done alongside the marking I will have to do too.

So, in attempting to channel this whole positive energy things and one too many jokes about finding the right feng shui for my table, the best of things happened today and Marina and Shariffah got me acting all boyish and blushing. Horrible people. Haha! So, maybe a water source right next to me might be a good thing for the long run then? Heh.

Happy Teachers' Day!

Teachers' Day 2009.

To all teachers out there, a very Happy Teachers' Day to all!

Though technically a relief teacher by status still, 2009 marks my first ever teachers' day and boy what a day it was in school.

There were lots of smiles and yes, there were some tears. Haha. I shan't share that here.

To top things off, I have news to announce. Starting 14th September 2009, I will be signing on for another 3 years. :)

Generation Change

Interestingly, I met up with 2 parents today with regards to 2 separate incidents involving different students. This is a continuation from last week when I had to stay back in school till late to meet another boy's parents.

To a certain degree, all the parent-related modules I studied during my Early Childhood days helps! Haha!
Should've listened more!

While there are teachers who dread having to meet parents I actually find it to be an interesting experience most times. Come to think of it, I did this quite a bit during my final year of practicum back at the childcare centre. In any case, being a people's person, a face-to-face encounter usually works best for me. I think the session helps too as it helps me understand the child better outside of the confines of the classroom alone and in turn, this will help me to hopefully help the child with whatever he/her is facing.

The recent sessions have made me a tad cathartic somehow, leaving me wondering if my generation faced the same set of problems as the current generation are. Sometimes, it appears that the fourteen-year-olds of the current generation all somehow more or less feel grossly misunderstood whether it's with parents or with teachers. It appears that being seen with a particular set of peers seems like the cool thing to do when in actuality, the association would pose more headaches for everyone else?

I also wonder how a decade can change things. It was a mere ten years ago when I was a student of the school yet the attitudes and the character of the children of this current generation is significantly different from mine! The things they say or do to teachers nowadays, boy, even my peers wouldn't do back in our days. Yet, I continue to believe that change can be made, the good in the young can come out if we join and guide the young on their journey towards finding it.

I've been asked one too many times why I chose to switch from dealing with little children to working with teenagers instead. More than once I've said that I find great satisfaction in doing so. I know I can't hope to change the world but I believe that at the very least I could hope to change my wonderful students' world, one step at a time.