theshai (theshai) wrote,

Generation Change

Interestingly, I met up with 2 parents today with regards to 2 separate incidents involving different students. This is a continuation from last week when I had to stay back in school till late to meet another boy's parents.

To a certain degree, all the parent-related modules I studied during my Early Childhood days helps! Haha!
Should've listened more!

While there are teachers who dread having to meet parents I actually find it to be an interesting experience most times. Come to think of it, I did this quite a bit during my final year of practicum back at the childcare centre. In any case, being a people's person, a face-to-face encounter usually works best for me. I think the session helps too as it helps me understand the child better outside of the confines of the classroom alone and in turn, this will help me to hopefully help the child with whatever he/her is facing.

The recent sessions have made me a tad cathartic somehow, leaving me wondering if my generation faced the same set of problems as the current generation are. Sometimes, it appears that the fourteen-year-olds of the current generation all somehow more or less feel grossly misunderstood whether it's with parents or with teachers. It appears that being seen with a particular set of peers seems like the cool thing to do when in actuality, the association would pose more headaches for everyone else?

I also wonder how a decade can change things. It was a mere ten years ago when I was a student of the school yet the attitudes and the character of the children of this current generation is significantly different from mine! The things they say or do to teachers nowadays, boy, even my peers wouldn't do back in our days. Yet, I continue to believe that change can be made, the good in the young can come out if we join and guide the young on their journey towards finding it.

I've been asked one too many times why I chose to switch from dealing with little children to working with teenagers instead. More than once I've said that I find great satisfaction in doing so. I know I can't hope to change the world but I believe that at the very least I could hope to change my wonderful students' world, one step at a time.

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