theshai (theshai) wrote,

Therapy at Work

It's only two days after Teachers' Day and the weight of the impending End-of-Year exams has slowly but surely started to force itself upon some of my colleagues and I. Nonsensical things are starting to irk certain uptight individuals and in return, causing a chain reaction that affects the rest of us!

And it is no surprise then that it affected me today as it affected the rest of my immediate circle of colleagues, all for different reasons at that!

So, what did I do?

I bought a big yellow piece of paper, got my voluntary and kind landscape artist, Hairol and straight-cutter Shariffah to trim the edges of the paper and voila, I had a new backdrop for the upper shelf compartment of my table. A bright yellow one! Why the choice of colour? I need to fill my table with a whole lot of positive energy and the colour most definitely soothes me!

The joy of putting up the backdrop and later decorating it proper was a therapeutic feeling, something akin to gardening. I intend to spend the September holiday redecorating the upper shelf compartment and also deconstructing and later reconstructing my table area! Of course, this will be done alongside the marking I will have to do too.

So, in attempting to channel this whole positive energy things and one too many jokes about finding the right feng shui for my table, the best of things happened today and Marina and Shariffah got me acting all boyish and blushing. Horrible people. Haha! So, maybe a water source right next to me might be a good thing for the long run then? Heh.
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