theshai (theshai) wrote,

Ravin' Raya 2009

Wowee. It's been a week since Hari Raya has arrived and boy, what a mixed bag it has been!

The first day was pure madness with the relatives, laughing away and photo-taking galore. It's always nice to move in big groups. We had a great time visiting different houses meeting different relatives we have not seen in a while. A bit of catching up, a bit of snacking and definitely food galore though I was quite content to not stuff myself silly and save myself for only the houses with the best food.

Haven't been out until yesterday and boy did it make me want to wax nostalgic. Two moments yesterday made me think about the past on 2 different levels. The first was when my Mum and I visited an old neighbour from the very HDB apartment I used to live in. We try our best to visit on a yearly basis and everytime we walk pass our old house, I would ask my parents, "Was this where we lived?" It's a tad sad that I don't have great memories of the house that I have to remind myself that I used to live in there albeit for just two short years. Indeed, we moved out of the Bedok house when I was just a tiny tot of two. It's been twenty-one years now and as much as I want to be sentimental about the whole building, I can't seem to find it in me to feel that way. Instead, I'll have to continue to live off whatever memories my parents still have of the place.

The other moment occured when we visited one of my Dad's close friends' house. Now, his three boys and I have known each other for many years since I was living it up during the good old primary school days. His two oldest boys recently got married within the year and his youngest son, who is about a year or two older than me has a much younger sister of eight to nine to play with. It was a nice night with other childhood friends who were also there but the best moment occured when said friend invited us into his room to let loose on his Playstation 3. The lot of us jumped at the chance quoting a need to de-stress as a reason for the jumping and there were, like boys of ten whacking away at the controls playing the same video game we used to play together. The game has had several versions of the year of course, constantly improving as technology improves but at the heart of it all, it felt like none of us had changed and neither had the game. You want to know what game it was? WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2009.

Let's just say that we resorted to saying, "The night is still young," one too many times when our parents said it was time to go home. Unlike ten years ago, saturday midnight still meant that it really was young and it helped that people in the group could actually drive. We did the same thing to our parents that we did ages ago in hopes of getting to stay longer and play more matches. I suppose I would say that our cravings were satisfied for the night but it sure brought about the possibilities of a Playstation 3 or a Wii entering my house sooner than I would have thought.

The busiest month in school is coming up but beyond that, it will be 2 months of sheer bliss to unwind and to perhaps, be ten again. Good things never seem to die and I have a strong feeling I'll be at it again very very soon. With friends in tow of course.

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