theshai (theshai) wrote,

Making Time

It's always nice when a great group of friends get together and eventually end up spending their time reflecting and conversing about life till the wee hours of the morning with the more tired ones sprawled on the bed or on the floor. HAHA!

It was quite a talk I must say. For starters, I, who obviously has not been in a relationship for a pretty long while, has got a whole different set of opinions from my friends who have been in a long relationship or one that is pretty new. I suppose it's something I have to work on considering I'm one who tries to see things from a bigger picture or for the greater good (Oh gosh, Brutus anyone?).

That said, dearest friends of mine have taken me to task and placed me in the hotseat, telling me to shut it and make time!
Yes people, this entry is somehow about making time. These "fine" gentlemen have told me to go out there and find someone! HAHA! 

Since my last entry about catching up on childhood, I have purchased the Playstation 3, complete with a Guitar Hero to go with it and I intend to spend the bulk of my upcoming holiday, wearing the guitar and controls out while attempting to digest DVDs of countless movies and TV series and to top things off, take a trip up to KL and another country.

So, when I say I have no time to go on dates and what not, they've countered me and told me to go out more and not stay in more!
But I would really love to relish the break, boys! HAHAHA!

I still think that someone like me at twenty-three, who has so many plans to kickstart and maintain for at least the next three years, will find it hard to find time for love let alone accomodate it. Rest assured though, I do believe in it will come when it comes. So, let's just wait and see okay? :)
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