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2009 in Review

Wow. What a year.
I had really hoped that 2009 would be THE year you know but it was quite a great year nonetheless during which tons of fantastic things happen and yet at the same time, there were things that happened that tore my heart apart. Well, it was just one but I'll get to that later.

The year marked my first full year holding a full-time job (National Service does not count) since I ORD'ed and work wise, it has been a remarkable ride. I decided to sign with the service for a good 3 years, marking the beginning of my crossroad years. The experience I've gained was beyond what I had expected. From the rapport building with my students to the constant meeting and speaking with their parents and oh, at times, the police too. Sure there were ups and downs at work and what not but my colleagues are another remarkable bunch. I would never have expected the office I work in to be so full of madcap mayhem that we're laughing our heads off most of the time, while making sure we work of course! Work resumes in 2 days! Exciting times or what!

And then there's theatre of course. It was a non-stop, back-to-back, show after show since end 2008 all the way till April 2009. The team at Yellow Chair went guns ablazing, managing to put up a show at *scape and the Drama Centre Black Box. To top it all off, we finally managed to secure sponsorship from Lee Foundation through our OWN sheer hard work and for the first time ever, stage works by established playwrights from various countries. However, despite the show putting YCP on a high again, it was to be the last production of the year for the group and for now, things remain in limbo. Yellow Chair Productions is officially going through a restructuring and once some of us have re-energized and thought things through, an annoucement will be made sometime in 2010 about what's to come.

However, my final official showcase of 2009 came in August. And I strongly believe it was quite a way to sign off for the year. The set-up was the library@esplanade, a free for all event and next to nothing publicity. But the team I assembled for this round was just, for the lack of a better word, super. Haha! The collaboration has opened up a whole new world of opportunities and possibilities and that I am extremely thankful for.

I also took the chance in 2009 to eventually take a break from theatre for a bit. Took the time off to concentrate a bit on my students with their exams and what not and the break has been a good one. However, I'm uber glad that rehearsals for a new showcase is going to start soon and projects are starting to come in again.

2009 will also be remembered as a year of weddings. Colleagues, friends, secondary school mates. Somehow, people from various social circles of mine were getting married. There were also those whose marriages or engagements I found out via Facebook! Haha! The wedding season has been quite a thrilling adventure though from being a pseduo-"brother" for one to the people behind the wedding video for another, which eventually culminated in a more than 24 hour attempt at finishing the video on time! But it was all worthwhile in the end of course. So, with all these weddings, is it in anyway a form of pressure on me? Of course not. I'm quite set on doing what I want to do first and the time will come when it comes. That said, there will be more coming up in 2010 and 2011! My two closest friends recently announced their engagement in a pretty creative way and unexpectedly too but we'll leave more stories for 2011 yeah? Haha!

Another highlight would be having the chance to be a part of the production team on a short film (which we all hope will get the chance to be made into a feature film). This was no ordinary Singapore short with zombies galore and filmed entirely in 3D. I shall not disclose anything further till the time comes for the film to be revealed in all its glory.

Sure, there were many highs including those I've not mentioned here in this entry but the one significant low would have to be the passing of a dear friend. You can refer to my first entry on this LJ of mine from back in July. Getting over it has not been easy and it still pains to hear or see things that would remind me of her. I miss her and I'm certain a lot of you still do.

Life goes on though and what how will 2010 be like for me then?
For starters, I've termed it the year or risks. Expect some announcements on certain endeavours which I hope to embark on. I turn 24 in a few days time and it's high time for new things. Sure, I've also made 1 resolution but I'll end off this year in review with what I've always tried to do year after year and that is to be the best in what I do. And this new year, I'm more determined to do so.

Here's to a fantastic 2010!
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